About AIHO

AIHO is a research and consultancy firm based in the Philippines which aims to promote the public health profession by mentoring young public health professionals to address pressing health inequities in the country.

We visualize an era where no Filipino will ever worry about getting sick and no healthcare provider will ever worry about risking their career protection when treating patients. Through the provision of strategic consulting, research, and mentoring services, AIHO aims to steer the Philippine public health system towards social and economic growth, such that it is able to provide quality health care for all Filipinos.

Why we exist

We see ourselves achieving our vision and mission by participating in activities such as research, service intervention, program design, policy development and project implementation. Our organization takes pride in its aspirations of improving health outcomes in the Philippines and aims to contribute more to health policies, publications and initiatives. We set a great example that a public health career is exciting and fulfilling, and will continue to guide people into strategic positions in the sector.

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