FEBRUARY 15, 2020​

PAPO Policy Workshop Series​

february 15, 2020

PAPO Policy Workshop Series​​

Collaborations & Partnerships

In 2019, the Philippine Alliance for Patient Organizations (PAPO) initiated its Policy Workshop Series. The series is intended to serve as a venue for discussion and education on patients’ rights in light of recent health system reforms. This workshop series also aims to empower patients through participatory discourse with agencies in the health sector such as the Department of Health, ensuring that they are kept up to date with recent developments with the Universal Health Care (UHC). Topics pertinent to UHC include Health Technology Assessment, Health Financing, and Information Technology in Healthcare. This workshop series also offered topics such as Innovative Fundraising to capacitate patient groups in effectively carrying out their advocacies.

As the workshop secretariat, the Alliance for Improving Health Outcomes, Inc. continues to support the efforts of PAPO to empower patient groups and organizations to be at the center of UHC, promoting participatory policy making in the health sector.

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