May 18, 2017

The Philippine Health System at a Glance

This learning module is an overview of the Philippine Health System. Each slide shares information about the country’s health system, making use of the World Health Organization’s Six Building Blocks framework:

  1. Health Situation in the Philippines: describes the overall health situation of the country at present. This includes health indicators like fertility, morbidity, and mortality rates in the country and their causes.
  2. Health Reform Initiatives: lays down the most significant health reforms throughout the history of the Philippines which reflects the current structure of the health sector.
  3. Leadership and Governance: focuses on the organizational structure of the different government units and their functions in the health system after the devolution of health services.
  4. Health Service Delivery: summarizes the different services provided by each health facility at each level. It also describes the quality of health services provided to the people.
  5. Health Workforce: gives an overview of the distribution and density of health human resources across the country.
  6. Health Financing: shows the sources of funding for health, as well as how much is being spent on healthcare.
  7. Health Information System: describes the different information systems commonly used to track, monitor, disseminate, and evaluate health situations in the country.
  8. Medicines and Technology: describes the situation of the pharmaceutical sector in the Philippines.
  9. Future Directions of the Philippine Health System: shows the different plans and directions of the current administration for the medium term on healthcare.

All of the information in these slides are properly coded to ensure proper citation of the original texts or sources in the reference slides. The codes are also there to assist readers in locating original texts or sources if they are eager to learn more about a particular topic.

To download the slides in PDF format, click here.
To download the slides in PowerPoint (.pptx) format, click here.

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