Health Policy and Systems Research

AIHO conducts and implements research studies, projects and programs for different public health institutions.

We regularly respond to calls for proposals, offering our wide perspective, experience, and expertise in doing public health research.

With our strong background in research project implementation, we also serve as a platform for public health researchers to propose and implement their own research projects funded by grants, especially from Philippine Council for Health Research and Development (PCHRD).

We take pride in facilitating strategic planning initiatives and consultation meetings with different organizations. Our project management capacity, and wide network in the public health community, makes us the preferred partner in implementing public health events and research dissemination activities.

AIHO Research Partners

Our Research Studies and Projects

Recent initiatives implemented (or presently implemented) by AIHO for its partners:

Implementation of the Maternal and Child Health Nutrition Service Delivery Network for Indigenous Cultural Communities in Selected Areas in Region XII

Donna Isabel S. Capili, Katherine Ann V. Reyes

PhilHealth Share Ratio Study: A National Survey of PhilHealth’s Share on Government Hospital’s Revenues from 2011 to 2017

Dante B. Salvador, Jr.

Technical Consultancy to Complete the DOH Standard Plans and Draft Manuals on Technical Guidelines for the Updating of the DOH Standard 10, 25, and 100-Bed Hospital Manual and Including Publication

Lester Sam A. Geroy

Development of Training Manual (Handbook & AVP) on Preparing Terms of Reference

Lester Sam A. Geroy

Technical Assistance on the Workload Indicator Staffing Needs Survey for HRH 2030

Timothy Ting

Economic Evaluation of Selected Interventions for Cardiac Arrhythmia in the Philippines

Miharu Kimwell, Dante B. Salvador, Jr.

Informal Economy Segmentation Study: Towards UHC in the Philippines – Reaching and Retaining Members in the Informal Sector

Dante B. Salvador, Jr.

Endline Research of World Vision’s Crowd-based Monitoring of Milk Code Compliance

Rene Andrew A. Bucu

Documenter for the Crowd-Based Monitoring of Milk Compliance Project

Rene Andrew A. Bucu, Teddy Dizon

1st Philippine Society of Public Health Physicians’ National Convention

Shirly Pador

Impact Analysis of Regulatory Regime Options for Integrated Health Care Provider Network in the Philippines

Katherine Ann V. Reyes, Reneepearl Kim P. Sales

Technical and Organizational Support to PhilHealth and DOH for the Z-Benefit Package for Premature and Small Newborns

Lester Sam A. Geroy, Donna Isabel S. Capili

Technical Assistance in Communicating Research Results to Key Policymakers in Health

Jake Kho

Philippine Plan of Action for Nutrition 2017-2022 Agenda-Setting

Miko Balisi

Simulating the Health Impact of Increasing Alcohol Taxes in the Philippines

Dante Salvador Jr., Michael Mo, Reneepearl Kim Sales

Health Information Systems

Alberto M. Ong, Jr.

Development of Z Benefit Package for ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction Services in the Philippines: Review of Interventions and Service Components

Lester Sam A. Geroy

Technical Assistance on the Development of PhilHealth Benefit Package for Mental Health

Lester Sam A. Geroy, Rene Andrew A. Bucu

Technical Assistance for Orientation on the Universal Healthcare Advance Implementation Sites

Alberto M. Ong, Jr.

Event Organization for the 5th Philippine Healthcare and Social Media Summit

Jaifred Christian Lopez

Human Milk Bank Regional Network Meeting

Romelei Camiling-Alfonso

Manuscript Publication of Scoping Review of Climate Change and Health Research in the Philippines: A Complementary Tool in Research Agenda-Setting

Miguel Manuel C. Dorotan

Palladium (Protect Health)

Miguel Manuel C. Dorotan

Diarrheal Morbidity and Mortality in the Philippines: Investigating the Spatio-temporal Impact of Climate/Weather

Miguel Antonio Salazar, Paul Lester C. Chua